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WePEARL offers Bespoke eLearning services that meets all your eLearning, mLearning, Digital Publishing, Application Development, Game Based Learning Development and eBook Conversion needs. To offer these services, we have a highly experienced team of SME’s, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, eLearning Developers, Programmers and QA’s. Our team is immensely capable of working on multiple platforms including open source technologies and is having in-depth knowledge to build solutions as per required norms, standards and compliances.

eLearning Services

WePEARL employs best of subject matter experts (SME’s) to conceptualise and to write learning content that meets and exceeds customer needs and expectations. We have a large pool of SME’s from multiple domains that work with us either on project or freelance basis. We work closely with our clients to ensure right and unique learning content is created as per the customer brief and requirements.
WePEARL team specialises in custom e-courseware development to enable companies to sell courses online either through their systems or through outsourced LMS’s. Robust and latest techniques are employed to achieve high level of cross platform compatibility that enables quick selling of courses.
Our mobile learning services include migration of legacy courses to HTML5, custom and rapid mobile learning. The focus group provides input throughout the initiation, planning and implementation stages of each project. With more and more users migrating to smaller devices, it is important for eLearning providers to provide mLearning solutions to enable user’s access content on the go.
Our team of experts specialises in gamification development by using game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to enhance user engagement and to increase user problem solving capabilities.
WePEARL’s ready technology solutions is helping individuals and corporates to smoothly shift from Traditional Media to Electronic media. We specialise in providing:
  • eBook Production Solutions
  • HTML5 Conversions for device compatibility
  • Digital Publishing App Development

There has been an aura of urgency for Educational, Corporate, Trade, Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers to increase their TTM (time to market) through new business models in order to open up new revenue opportunities for their Web 2.0 strategy. WePEARL's offerings in Digital Publishing are in-line with the above aspirations of our clients. Once we receive the input (content) from our client in any of the traditional versions, our technology experts converts those into Electronic Versions like E-Books, E-Magazines, CD ROM, and Electronic Journals etc. which would be compatible to any of the electronic distribution platforms.

WePEARL’s team of experts specialise in providing Web based learning solutions:
  • Data visualization applications
  • Financial charts, gadgets and calculators
  • Real time Audio and Video streaming
  • Text/ audio/ video chat applications
  • SCORM compliant courses
  • Assessments authoring and delivery system
  • Interactive whiteboard applications
  • Our highly experienced team of Developers, Programmers and QA’s meets and exceeds customer expectations by developing compatible Web applications as per required norms, standards and compliances.

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